For anyone who likes to use a transparent terminal shipped with Gnome I have bad news – in the newest release of Gnome this feature has been thrown out of the window! But hopefully we are dealing with Open Source software and there is a workaround that provides the old functionality :)

But first things first. In order to bring the unsupported (but loved by many) feature, one has to download an additional package called devilspie. Simply issue

yum install devilspie

in the console. Then create a directory called .devilspie and put a simple script in there.

cd ~/; mkdir .devilspie; vi .devilspie/gnome-terminal-transparency.ds

The file should look like this:


(matches (window_name) „Terminal”)

(opacity 75)


The tricky part is the window_name value. You can obtain it from gnome-terminal: just enter Preferences-> Profiles -> Edit -> Title and Command and take the value of Initial title field. Fedora defaults to Terminal (which is then changed to something different). Now run gnome-session-properties in the console or through Run command. Create a new entry, name it anyway you like, but in the Command field put /usr/bin/devilspie. Save it, log out, log in again and enjoy :)